Frames for Movie Posters

Wall Mount Frames for Movie Posters Decorate Interiors and Home Theaters

If you are looking for that perfect frame to display your favorite movie poster, Picture-Frames-Warehouse stocks a large variety of ready-made framing in two format sizes. Why are there two sizes, you ask? The One-Sheet, which is the most popular movie poster size with fans and collectors, was first introduced in 1909 by the Motion Picture Patents Company. The sheet measured 27" x 41" and included a border around the artwork. This was mainly due to the original type of printing equipment at that time: stone lithography. The technology had changed from that to off-set printing by the 1930s (which still incorporated borders on the artwork). But by the mid 1980s, the trend was to eliminate the border altogether therefore reducing the One-Sheet size down to 27" x 40". This also allowed for full-bleed printing, where the artwork stretches from edge to edge. We stock both poster frame sizes to provide adequate resources for the buyer's needs.

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