Picture Frames in Bulk - High Quantity Orders are Our Specialty

Wholesale Pricing is Built Into Every Order

Picture frames in bulk order quantities are our specialty! Welcome to Picture-Frames-Warehouse.com, where the only thing needed to get low wholesaler pricing on volume orders is a click of the "Buy Now" button. Our massive warehousing space allows our buyers and merchandisers to source and purchase the best quality commercial grade picture frames available in quantity. This bulk buying strategy allows us to pass our savings to our customers via our tiered pricing model that starts at low wholesaler pricing and gets even lower as the quantity increases. The graphics and poster holders shown here represent some of our most economical — and popular — bulk-order picture frames.

What do the different terms mean when buying picture frames in bulk?
Piece Price:
The cost for one individual item, regardless of packaging quanitites. This is not to be confused with the unit price. Example: an item that costs $100 and consists of a set of 10 frames will have a piece price of $10 per frame.
Unit Price:
Unit price is the cost per ordering unit. In the above example, one $100 unit equals 10 frames, so an order quantity of 5 units would result in a shipment of 50 individual frames for $500.
Case Price:
Case price is the unit price multiplied by the packaging quanitity. Using the above example, if the frames were packaged in 20 units per case, that would result in a case price of $2000 (= 20 x 10 units at $100/unit).
Why buy bulk?
  • Case Pack: To give our customers the best possible pricing, Picture-Frames-Warehouse packages our bulk photo frames in the most economical quanitity per case. Our case pack quanitities are set by taking into account not only the pricing structure of each frame, but also the average shipping costs. By creating an economical recommended purchase quantity, we can help maximize customer savings on every order.
  • Price Breakpoint: Our built-in bulk pricing model clearly displays the different piece price for every order quantity. Because we order every item in bulk we are able to pass along our wholesaler discount pricing to our customers on every order, regardless of quantity. While every order is discounted, higher order quanitities, especially those that take advantage of case pack quantities, automatically receive higher per piece discounts.
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