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Counter Mat - Point of Purchase Sign Holders Display Promotional Content

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Want to use counter mats to prominently present advertisements while freeing up floor and wall space? The non slip signage holders can prove to be extremely effective when it comes to generating buzz about goods, services and events. Many store managers and advertisers setup the point of purchase displays on countertops, tabletops, retail fixtures, or any other flat surface to get the message out to potential clients. Incite last moment purchases by keeping the promotional displays by the cash register. The bright graphics and attention grabbing messages might be enough to create a sale while the client is waiting in line. These non slip counter mats, frequently referred to as countertop sign pads, are commonly found at fast food restaurant, burger joints and bars to showcase pictures of dishes or combination meals. The signage holding products make it very simple to quickly change messages, so employees can keep up with the ever changing specials or sales. Countertop sign pads feature a durable rubber construction that will withstand frequent use from both promoters and customers. These wholesale counter mats are non slip point of purchase products available with wide black borders that looks like a sleek frame. Custom promotional displays of this style are available with magnetic strips to seal the unit shut. These mats will resist water and other liquids, which makes the models prefect for quick food service industries. The countertop sign pads come in different sizes to best accommodate the printed materials. Affordable mats feature dimensions suitable for standard 8.5"w x 11"h and 11"w x 17"h prints from a computer printer. The economical non slip signage holders are perfect for expensive and low cost signage.

What about the construction of the countertop sign pads makes the units suitable for public presentations?
  • These rugged counter mats are made out of synthetic rubber with a Vynex textured border to protect the contents in the promotional campaign. The rubber construction is surprisingly flexible and will withstand the bending necessary to load and unload signage. Non slip point of purchase displays include a Duratec backer that prevents the information from falling to the ground. The backing is solid and keeps the image in position.
  • Custom promotional products will resist water and other slight spills. While the marketing tools should not be fully submerged under water, the displays can stand the occasional accident associated with keeping the holders at the take away counter. Hot and cold beverages will not adversely affect the contents in small doses.
  • Many of the custom promotional products include magnetic sides that prevent liquids and dust from tampering with the graphics. Simply seal the sides shut and the durable construction will prevent food and drink from harming the contents.

These affordable counter signage covers can be installed on almost any flat surface that receives interest from customers. Managers can peel open the front or slide the promotion into the holders. Changing signage is a simple process that only takes a few moments. The plastic lens prevents against glare, clients will have no issues reading the messages or seeing the bright images. Many of the covers feature a thick border to further accent the contents. The durable construction makes for a place suitable for signing checks or receipts. Retailers do not have to worry about customers dropping heavy merchandise on the covers. Load logos, messages, graphics and other important information into the attractive tabletop presentation tool.

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