Colorful Picture Frames| Bright & Modern Designs for Wall or Tabletop Use

Colorful Picture Frames | Wooden Framing Perfect for Gift-Giving or Retail Settings

colorful picture frame

Trying to find colorful picture frames as a way to enliven your home, office, or retail space? These colored wood photo mounts for walls & tables are able to do just that for many environments. The colorful bulk picture frames offer a bit of tradition with modern styling in vivid and sophisticated shades. These holders come in assorted colors or designs that use Italian veneer for beautiful inlays that are works of art. The colorful picture frames, such as colored wood photo mounts, will expertly complement many styles of home décor or office lobbies. These holders are sold in sizes that fit all of the typical images used by photographers as well as a few that are less common. The colored wood photo mounts available as sets or individually make ideal gifts as well and will elegantly present a portrait or award to a special person. These image displays are affordable and can also be purchased in bulk if larger amounts are needed.

Where are some of the places that these colored wood photo mounts are used?
  • The colorful picture frames are perfect to be used to enhance décor and can easily be positioned to showcase many images as a gallery wall.

  • This framing is sold in assorted colors and shades is great when used in a retail space to advertise different shots of merchandise, employees, to broadcast the latest sales, or maybe even as gifts themselves.
  • These photo holders are perfect in a gallery or museum to showoff art & photos or in business reception areas & hotel lobbies to offer patrons interesting looks while they are waiting for assistance or just relaxing.

The five-piece collection is sold in both sets of assorted colors and sometimes feature one frame in several different sizes, which allows a business to use the same design to house documents and photos. The wooden holders are sold in colors such as white, blue, and burgundy and are also available in silver and gold to complement more sophisticated décor. The Italian veneer designs have a beauty all their own and are sure to enhance any photo or art that is placed inside. These feature intricate patterns or striping in several shades or colors to suit everyone’s taste. Dimensions range from 4" x 6" to 8" x 10" as far as standard sizing goes. Displays with non-standard sizes, like 8.5" x 11" or 10" x 30" are also sold. Some of the borders are quite intricate and have beading or scrolling along the inside or outside. Mats are available with some models to present a finished look and to accommodate more than one size of photo. The majority of styles are able to be hung on walls as well as placed on tabletops for versatile image displays. Additionally, they can also be hung in portrait or landscape formatting to coordinate with different portrait orientations. The professional framing is sold with glass panels to help protect images and art from dirt and dust or other possible damage. Whether buying the enclosures for wholesale employee gifts or to be used as a set in your living room, they are going to draw attention and are sure to become a focal point wherever placed.

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