Brown Picture Frames | Natural Displays in Finishes of Mahogany or Walnut

Bulk Picture Frames with Brown Stained Finishes

brown picture frame

Looking for a brown picture frame that will present certificates or awards in your business in a stylish manner? These wood photo displays with cherry finish are able to exhibit many images, like graphics, family photos, or documents, in residential, commercial, or retail situations. The selection of styles in this category is impressive and offers many options to suit everyone’s business or home décor. The brown picture frames, called wood photo displays, are typically presented with white mats to accommodate more than one size of portrait. Many of these photograph holders are designed with the ability to hang on walls and be placed on tables; however, some of the larger types do not come with easel backers and can only be hung. The wood photo displays available in bulk are sometimes sold in multiple sizes so that the same type of holder can be used to present different sizes of graphics for a cohesive look throughout a space. The brown picture frames with white mats are easy to use and present a polished look to your home décor.

In what finish types are the wood photo displays available for purchase?
  • These brown picture frames are sold in several shades all of which are beautiful and sure to enhance any image.
  • Light and dark wood stains are available with more of a walnut style stain; however, there are many with redder, mahogany finish and cherry styles too.
  • Within both shades of these affordable photo selections there are models that show more of a wood grain texture versus others that are smoother

Many of the brown picture framing displays are available in multiple sizes or are sold with white mats to offer two photo mounting options within the same holder. There are traditional frame sizes sold here from 4" x 6" up to 8" x 10" to serve many images straight from your printer or a photographer. Additionally, there are other less common displays sizes for purchase, like 8-1/2" x 11", which is ideal for certificates and awards. These mounts also come in panoramic sizing from 3.5"h x 10"w up to 18.5"w. There are a few collages sold as well in either 2 or 3 photo collections. These frameworks may come with decorative beading along the inner and outer edges for more of a sophisticated look. Wood shadowbox styles can be purchased in 2 sizes and these present a set-back look to the picture and can only be wall mounted. The brown picture framing that states a mahogany look have varying shades of the reddish finish in light and dark wood coloring to offer a bit of variety. There are swing frames too that load from the front and are only able to be hung on walls, like the shadowbox displays.

While the collages and typical frame selections are ideal for home décor, there are many photo mounts that are perfect for use in business or retail locations. They can be used to present shots of items being used by real people or "in the field" or even to present promotional information to customers. Offices and reception areas are also a great place for the wall frames to offer calming landscapes or broadcast important information to clients. Whether you are using a collage or single photo framing, with a white mat or not, these selections are going to complement your decorative style at home or work!

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