Clip Picture Frames Feature Tempered Glass Panels

Clip Picture Frame
5" x 7"
Tempered Glass
Clip Picture Frames
8" x 10"
Tempered Glass
Glass Clip Frame
15-3/4" x 19-11/16"
Tempered Glass
Glass Clip Frames
17-3/4" x 23-3/4"
Tempered Glass

clip picture frames with tempered glass panel

What makes clip picture frames different from other photo enclosures? The primary difference is the lack of an actual frame or border in which the photo or piece of art is housed. These frameless display enclosures, clip picture frames create a stunning visual demonstration for their contents. Whether used to hold priceless works of art, treasured drawings by a baby, a photo of a loved one or a tattered poster from a classic concert, these clear display cases both showcase and protect the image held within. Clip picture frames with tempered glass fronts, such as those shown here, are a great choice for either personal or business use. Their frameless construction can be very effective when used for advertising signs or messaging. Clip picture frames without a border will fit into any décor in any environment, because the only thing that can be seen will be the image within. In addition to looking great, they also offer a great deal of protection. These clip picture frames, also known as frameless art displays, use sturdy materials (temper-processed glass, metal, and chipboard) to create a longstanding and enduring encasement that will protect its contents for years to come. There is no better choice for an image holder than these that will stand out by being invisible to the eye!

What makes a glass overlay clip picture frame different from other styles?

These frames come in a variety of sizes for display of anything from a small photo to a large poster or advertising sign. Each size is constructed exactly the same, down to the same metal used for the clips, so that they can be used in groups to create perfectly matched displays. The lack of a border means that the focus of anyone viewing these gallery-style presentations will be on the images within, not the frames. This can be very effective when multiple units are used together in a single location.

What are some effective ways of using these displays? tempered glass art framework without borders

These frames make a strong statement by not being seen! These stands and hangers for art are solidly constructed, and yet nearly invisible when in use in any decor. Frameless art displays can draw attention to their contents, instead of away from it. The longstanding glass construction and strength of these models belie their fragile-looking appearance. Available in many sizes and useable in either orientation, these glass panel signholders work wonderfully with any type or color configuration of art, a photo, a poster, or advertising/messaging of any kind. offers a massive inventory of the best and largest selection of display solutions accessible for online order from our Quick Ship Warehouse. Whether you are looking for digital signage enclosures, frame standoffs or frameless glass clip mounts, we are sure to have it. Our online retail portal, www.Picture-Frames-Warehousecom, is built to be easy to use, with many different easy to browse categories (ie, clear plastic overlay, top loading frames, magenetic mount, photo enclosures, etc) as well as offering one-click ordering for any of our many offerings! Because of our large in-stock inventory, we are able to ship orders placed before 1 pm EST the same day they are ordered. In addition, our knowledgeable customer service reps are at your service during business hours for phone assistance (at 1-800-572-2194) or online chat help (via the "Live Chat" option on our website). Our email addresses are listed on our Contact page and can be used for after hours support. We make every attempt to respond to email queries within the course of the next business day. Check out our wide selection of ready-made and even custom picture, art, and sign enclosures at!