Acrylic Picture Frames | Clear Sign Holders For Tabletop and Wall Mount

Acrylic Picture Frames - Magnetic Sign Displays at Wholesale Prices

Acrylic Picture FrameWhy do people choose acrylic picture frames instead of traditional wood or metal? Frameless photo frames feature clear designs that suspend your images without obstruction. Our diverse selection of acrylic picture frames, also known as glass photo holders, comes with edge clips, magnetic edges, or standoff framing to secure your displayed images. The glass picture frames featured on this category page are low cost options for easy means to display images, photos, or graphics. These frameless acrylic picture frames are all offered with our discounted bulk pricing. Our magnetic table top sign holders which are commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, and offices, are contemporary in styles and can display double sided advertisements. The dual sided feature expands the marketability of any promotion. We manufacture acrylic picture frames in all of the common sizes, such as 3 1-2” x 5”, 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 8 1-2” x 11” and styles for the insertion of photographs, menu cards, or pre-printed signs for retailers. The crystal-clear acrylic creates elegant and modern looks for picture displays. Frameless picture frames are widely used in today's modern, upscale interiors.

What kinds of designs do these glass photo displays offer?
  • Acrylic picture frames have magnetic attachments for fridge or other metal surfaces. Adhesive pads allow you to display your pictures on other surfaces as you prefer.
  • Many of these sign holders can be used for tabletop promotional purposes. Some of these photo framing have curved designs to make your advertisements stand out.
  • The acrylic blocks can be displayed in portrait or landscape. There are not only various sizes available with bulk pricing, but also multiple framing accessories, such as standoffs, magnetic sticker, and etc.

Glass Sign HoldersWe offer these picture frames in multiple formats, including angled, magnetic, top-loading, and bottom-loading. Angled styles display your images at a comfortable viewing angle, while those with magnets add style to your interiors. Frameless holders are also called acrylic table tents and are most commonly used in restaurant and retail stores. We make sure our products durable and long-lasting. Plate glass shatters in large, dangerous shards, so we only sell tempered glass which is much safer and in the case of breakage the glass transforms into small oval shapes to eliminate the danger of sharp edges. Tempered glass is safe to be used around adults and children. Purchase these clear photo holders at wholesale prices from Picture-Frames-Warehouse!