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Picture Frames Display Photos at Home or Work!

April 14th, 2014

wood inlay frame

These picture frames for residences and businesses are one of the most important non-verbal ways that communication takes place between people of all different ranks, races, and places. Photo displays can be placed in work locations or homes to give others a glimpse of who is important in our life, such as kids, significant others, parents, siblings, and pets. The desktop holders, wall-mounted picture frames are able to showcase favorite images, while the glass panel inside protects the photographs from damage. We offer ready-made holders in an amazing array of typical portrait sizes at low prices and sometimes even in bulk. These picture frames, such as image displays, are cost-effective, but don't look cheap! The vast selection that we offer in our online catalog has photo framing structures and print enclosures for any and all occasions, available in so many types and made of so many materials that they can't all possibly be listed here! Ready made displays are available in many types of wood, metal, and plastic materials. These print frames with retail advertising abilities are different and will make a statement in businesses, homes or restaurants. When choosing make sure to think about the finish, color, and type of material that will best coordinate with the existing decor of your home, business, or office.

Why use picture frames to display your photos?
  • They put a memory right in plain sight for people to see.
  • The holder will keep images safer than having them sitting around collecting dust and getting bent.
  • They are an affordable way to highlight important achievements or people and help to keep rooms organized.
Silver Snap Frame

I was never the kind of kid that hung picture and posters up all over her room; however, that doesn't mean that I don't see the beauty in a well-placed poster or print now that I'm an adult. Of course, movie posters are what come to mind when the word is spoken and I know that if I owned a movie theater I would want my employees to spend the least amount of time possible changing over poster and to do that I would use snap frames. Now, why are these called snap frames? It might be because of how the sides of the display open up, but I like to think it says something about how easy they are to operate. These enclosures are a snap to open and close and that is what help to keep the time spent refreshing images to a minimum. Of course, snap frames aren't just for movie-sized posters. They come in all sizes, like 5" x 7" and 8" x 10", for use with your images at home or to display art at your workplace. Now, these do go up to 40" x 60" too to be the showcase in your cinema or theater. Most of these, are mounted to walls with a few tabletop and sign stand varieties, and all, but the sign stands because they are fixed, are able to be mounted in landscape and portrait orientations. Snap to it…and by these easy to use frames today! What else can be done with these quick-open displays? Check out the blog archive to find out!

Wood Picture Holders are the traditional choice and remain the most common ready made type today. Wood photo frames add warmth to interiors with their natural appearance and rich stained finishes. We supply print holders in standard sizes with or without mat boards, and many different styles provide tons of options. Choose from handsome stained wood finishes, painted colors, or frames with gilded gold. We also sell collage and themed styles, offering a huge variety to suit any occasion.

Metal Picture Displays express more modern attributes and these photo frames offer more styles than any other material thanks to its versatility. Simple metal profiles are usually extruded in long lengths, then cut to size and assembled with corner hardware. Other metal frames feature very intricate decorative castings with ornate details, perfect for displaying very special photographs. Poster frames are also available for sale with easy-open snap frame edges. Another attribute of metal photo frames is their ability to attract magnets. We stock a number of curved frames with magnetic lenses which frame your photographs quickly and effectively.

What styles of image enclosures are available to display photos?
  • There are many types of tabletop holders available for purchase
  • Plenty of wall mount options are also available in decorative and frameless models
  • colorful photo holders
  • There are also collages, illuminated styles, holder with easels, wood inlays, and many other options that are ready to showcase your prints!

Plastic Picture Holders, including photo frames and poster frames, feature a chameleon-like ability to mimic wood and metal frames while selling for less. These photo frames can be indistinguishable from their wood and metal brethren until they're picked up and handled. Plastic frames are manufactured in faux wood and metal finishes, as well as in many extruded profiles with different color choices. We offer a large selection of inexpensive poster frames for sale at wholesale prices. Buy in bulk to receive pricing discounts! Since plastic also comes in clear, we feature a very large product line of crystal clear frames designed not only for residential use but also in retail sectors.

As the leader for in stock frames, we provide all wholesale-priced products for same day shipping. Simply place your order before 1:00 pm EST and, as long as it's in stock, it ships out that day! We maintain multiple warehouses and stock our products on the premises to expediting shipping. No drop shipping from another manufacturer, no middle man involved! Feel free to call our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-800-572-2194 for help with a purchase or if you have any questions about any products we sell. You can also email us or use the Live Chat feature located on every product, category, and contact page. Buy online digital photo displays today!